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reckless falls series

book five


I came home to open the bakery of my dreams.
Instead, I’m getting burned.

Someone’s after me.
After my bakery, anyway.

I’m cranking out fine pastries as fast as my industrial oven will allow, but I’m still losing customers. Turns out, they don’t want to buy fresh and fluffy doughnuts from a store that’s been tagged with filthy graffiti.

It’s one thing after another, and I’m going to need all my focus to pull my little business back from the brink.

Only there are two huge distractions across the street.
And they both want me, too. For my baked goods...and my body.

It’s hard to keep my mind on flaky pastries when Jackson and Finn keep ringing my doorbell. Who could forget muscles like that? Not me.

I’m literally caught between the two hottest restaurateurs in town, and my business can’t afford the distraction.

But what if they’re the only ones who can save my buns?

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