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reckless falls series

book three


There are two reasons I can’t come home to Reckless Falls. 
Their names are Callum Reese and Grayson Abbott.

What kind of girl falls in love with two men at the same time? Especially her older brother’s two best friends? 

Not a good girl like me. I’m a successful children’s book author with a big city career. That should be enough to satisfy me.

And I should be strong enough to handle one week back home for Christmas. 

But mistletoe and champagne are a deadly combination.

I didn’t mean to kiss Cal while Gray was watching. And I didn’t mean to kiss Gray in front of Cal. And what happens after that? All three of us claim it was a fluke. A one-time mistake. Something totally crazy that can never happen again. 

Then it happens again. 
And again. 

Now I’m falling for two men. They both say they have to have me. I can’t possibly choose between them. 

But what if I don’t have to?

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