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reckless falls series

book one


It’s no wonder I fell hard for Cole Granger.
He’s a hotshot dimpled prankster who’s always the smartest guy in the room. Together we were high-school royalty, the couple you knew would be together forever. 
Then Cole made a choice... 
And it wasn’t me.

He broke my heart. 
But that was years ago. I thought I was over him. I was over him. He was out of my life forever...
Until he shows up again in Reckless Falls. 

It’s been eight years, but when I see him, nothing has changed. His charming smile with that deep dimple on his cheek hasn’t changed. The flirty way he says my name hasn’t changed. 

The way my body melts when he touches me hasn’t changed. At all. 

I still hate him. But I still want him.

And then he asks me for forgiveness.

Now the choice is mine. Am I just fooling myself to think he's changed? 
Or can my first love really have a second chance? 

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