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the crown creek series

book four


I met Finn King the day my world turned upside down. 

My life hasn’t exactly been easy, but I could always count on two universal truths: Music is my passion, and I'm Daddy’s little girl. 

When my Dad died, my world was rocked.
When I went to his funeral and found he was not the man I knew… it was shattered.

That’s when Finn stepped in to pick up the pieces. 

What started as a desperate fling with the worst man imaginable became a friendship built on slow trust. The mystery of why one of the famous King brothers is hiding away from the world doesn’t seem so strange as long as I am the one hiding in his arms. 

But even as we both try to heal the wounds we’ve caused, my father’s secrets are knocking at our door.
Finn may be able to protect me from my past. 

If I can protect him from himself. 

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