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reckless falls series

book six


I haven’t had a stroke of luck in my entire life.

I’m serious—not one single lucky day. Well, aside from the day my son was born pink and healthy and squalling at the Reckless Falls hospital. That was lucky.

Everything else? Disaster.

I’m a single mom trying to make things work, and the last thing I need is a man weighing me down. I don’t have time to run someone else’s life—I’m barely keeping up with my own.

All that changes the day I run into the billionaire, Jameson Tellar. Literally.

He thinks I’m his good luck charm and won’t let me leave his side.
And as for me?
I’ve fallen head over heels with the one man who will never stay in Reckless Falls.
It’s only a matter of time before he moves on, so I have a choice to make.
Let him go? 

Or hope that for once in my life, my luck holds out?

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