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the crown creek series

book two

2. Lost Perfect Kiss.png

Gabe King is the wrong brother.

I grew up in the shadow of the Kings. Literally. Their house is on the hill above mine. So I always had my eyes on our town’s most famous residents. Especially the cute oldest brother. My crush on him was so bad I could barely get two words out in his presence. When he came over to ask for help only I could give, I thought my knees might give out. 

Then I found out he needed help with his brother. 
Gabriel King. The bad boy. The risk-taker. The total jerk. He’s laid up after an accident that nearly took his life. And he needs a nurse. 
I am a nurse. 

Pretty cut-and-dried, right?

I help him heal while ignoring the way his body feels under my hands. I remember his meds while forgetting the way his kisses bruise my mouth. 

I’m a professional. I can handle his hazel eyes and ripped body. But his smile? And the way he breaks down all my defenses one by one?

He’s not the brother I wanted. And he’s my patient. But the more time I spend with Gabe, the more I want to take a risk. The more I want to think I was wrong.

Gabe might be the wrong brother but he’s the right one for me. 

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