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reckless falls series

book four


The last thing I want in my life is something complicated. 
Everett McCabe is very complicated.

It started with a noise in my yard late at night. I thought it was nothing. 
Then I noticed the boot print near my porch. 

There’s someone watching me, stalking me, and my small town police can’t seem to do anything to protect me. 
This is my home, but I’m terrified.

My friend’s older brother is the last person I expected to step in and pick up where the police left off. After all, I used to tease Rett. Call him a Boy Scout. A prim and proper do-gooder with a stick up his butt.

I had no idea what was lurking under his buttoned-up exterior.
Something protective. Something possessive. 
Something… dominant.

I’m scared. But I’m safe in his arms. I’m confused. But his kisses make everything clear. I’m falling apart. 
But his ropes?
They’re holding me together.

And when it comes to my stalker, maybe now I can hold my own. 

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