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the crown creek series

book three

3. Soft Wild Ache.png

I grew up a sheltered, good girl. I knew the outside world was wrong. 
Living on the compound, I was hidden away from the rest of the town. And away from the temptations of books, music and men. 

Especially men like Beau King. 

He’s famous. A rockstar. One of the wild, scandalous King Brothers that put our small town on the map. Hidden behind the walls of the compound, I heard whispers of what he was…

Everything I’d been warned about. 
Hazel eyes. Tempting voice. And a body made for sin. 

I was supposed to stay away. 
So I ran. But he chased me. I fell. And he caught me. 
And then we kissed... 

Heaven help me. 

I want his mouth on mine, and his hands in forbidden places. 
I want to confess the wild ache in my heart to him.

But even after I leave the cult behind, I still can’t escape. I’ve cast off its chains, but I am not free. I want a forever with Beau, but my family is in danger. I know my place. I know if I don’t return, I’ll never be forgiven.

But if falling from grace means I’ll land in Beau’s arms, then it might just be worth it. 

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