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reckless falls series

book two


I came back to Reckless Falls to hide from the world.
Derek Granger found me.
All I wanted when I fled my abusive ex was some peace. 
My salvation came in the form of my grandfather’s will. He’d left me his huge property high in the hills above town. 

Part of it, anyway.

Turns out one half of my salvation also belongs to the caretaker. A ghost from my past life named Derek Granger.

He’s dark-eyed and dangerous. A hard-hearted, hard-living bad boy. And he’s living in my house. 

He says he’s not going anywhere.

But I’ve got no place else to go. 

Now it’s a standoff. A showdown. The immovable object and the irresistible force.  One of us has to leave, but neither wants to lose to the other. It's a high stakes game of chicken. 

And soon we're both playing dirty. 

I see the way he watches me when I wear my high boots, so I flaunt it. Smile, flirt, bat my eyes... kiss him...again. And again...
Whatever it takes to convince him to let me have the house, right? Whatever it takes to get my way.

But when he takes off his shirt, exposing that rock hard stomach before he pins me against the wall?

I’m ready to let him have his way instead.

There's a man in my house who has the power to take everything from me. And I can't stop giving in to him. 
The longer Derek stays in my house, the more I want him to stay in my bed. 
And my life.

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