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Read this BEFORE you read His Secret Heart!

Being a writer means things never go according to plan.

I had an outline for His Secret Heart. I was following along with it, certain of the story I was about to tell.

And then the characters took over and totally flipped it on me. Finn smirked and grabbed ahold of the story. "I'm the hero," he told me. "Watch me do something heroic." It was intense and perfect and tied into the wider world of Crown Creek so beautifully that I let him have his way. But it meant that I now had a story outside of my story. And to tell it, I needed to rewrite what Id already written.

Soft Wild Ache now has a brand new ending! Three chapters that lead you right up to the second His Secret Heart begins. I'm adding it to the book right now, but I don't want you to have to re-download Soft Wild Ache to read it. And I definitely want you to read it before His Secret Heart comes out!


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